Deep Freeze Standard

Deep Freeze Standard 8.3

Simple utility to return your system to its previous state by rebooting it
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Rebooting your system to get rid of unwanted threats has never been more effective. After installing Deep Freeze on your system, every time you restart the system you will be cleaning it from invisible threats, such as phishing and zero-day threats. All unwanted and unlicensed software tools will also disappear, restoring your computer to its previous configuration.

This excellent and extremely easy to use utility keeps track of all changes that may take place on your computer inadvertently. Changes in your configuration consequence of phishing attacks, apps that install in the background without your consent, or any other suspicious behavior that you may detect on your system can be easily cleared out simply by rebooting your PC. Thus, instead of locking out your computer with Fort-Knox solutions that may also lock you in, you may rely on Deep Freeze to get rid of a plethora of malicious sites and software programs that insist on changing your PC’s configuration to their advantage. This will give you more freedom as a user without compromising your system’s security – at the first symptom of abnormal behavior just reboot your PC and get rid of any unwanted changes that may be slowing down your computer performance.

Network administrators will also love Deep Freeze, as this tool guarantees that the configuration of all PCs in the network remains intact. Any new software tool installed in any of them (with or without the user’s consent) will be automatically removed on the next reboot.

You can freeze and thaw any of your drives with just one click and the minimal program’s interface can be protected against unauthorized use by locking it with a password. It won’t interfere with your daily work as it works silently in the background. Once configured, it won’t require any more intervention on your side.

Deep Freeze provides you with all the security you need against threats that most antivirus won’t even detect without locking up your system. An excellent, silent, and effective solution that will cut down your IT dependence and will improve your productivity.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Easy to set up.
  • Password-protected control panel.
  • Protects your system against phishing, zero-day threats, etc.
  • Improves your productivity.
  • Reduces IT dependence


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